CAD $100 Bills


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Make use of counterfeit Canadian 100 dollar bills as legal tender

A bunch of counterfeit $100s has been around since the first day they appeared in the country’s financial system. The practice of fake money circulation is widespread in Canada and continues to grow exponentially. In fact, many people rely on fake $100s to overcome rising expenses. At Legit Cash Docs, we provide an accountable channel to order 100 CAD bills and use them as they are for whatever you have on your mind. Some examples include public places, albeit you would want to avoid depositing them in the bank or ATM.

We try our level best to replicate peace-of-mind features in our counterfeit Canadian 100 dollar bills. They can pass through any detection tests that you may generally be subject to at a local store or pharmacy. Also, they are the same as the original $100s to the touch and won’t go bad sooner than expected.

It’s so safe to buy counterfeit Canadian 100 dollar notes online

Counterfeiting is doomed as an illegal activity for the common people, while the big players relish the other side of it. We understand the law, and we can assure you that nothing will fall on the wrong end when shopping for fake $100 bills in Canada here. 

Your privacy is what we start with. We then instill trust and transparency by providing exceptional customer service, regardless of anyone’s purchasing power. 

If you would like to have your questions answered in detail, Legit Cash Docs is here!

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CAD $100 Bills

CAD $100 Bills