LEGIT CASH DOCS has numerous online payment methods. Simply place your order and on the checkout page, you’ll see all these online payment methods. You will have clear information under these payment methods on how to follow through and complete your payment. Feel free to place your order in good fate. We only use payment that let you have 100 percent money back guarantee they by kepping on the safe side.

We parcel and ship packages with very high professionalism. So it is extremely rare for a package not to be delivered. But if it happens and an order has not to be delivered 48 to 72 hours after the expected delivery date, we either give a 100% refund or reship the order. Please contact us if you have any delivery issues. Also, know that your order will be highly followed up before refund or reship. Thank you for shopping with us.

Yes all our products are valid and registered in the system. They can be both nationally and internationally without any issues. 

Here at LEGIT CASH DOCS, we accept PAYPAL,  Western Union, Money Gram, and Bitcoins. Credit and Debit cards are also accepted.

This gets to favor does who buy in bulk. Here if you buy in bulk, your shipping will be for free. that is order before $700 here for your charges for delivery

USA & CANADA…..  The fee is $30

Europe & environs….. fee is $44

To the rest of the world…. fee is $60

The package shall be well sealed with updated aluminum materials to enable it to escape any checks in case this not legal in your country

They either come in little box or blister packs in the form of tablets which are sealed envelope as documents. Our customer’s privacy is our priority so therefore on the envelope it is indicated only your name and your shipping details.

We ship with FedEx, DHL, and TNT. with private argent encase security is tide around your end.

We have establish route and connections that makes us to deliver within the USA  CANADA  UK , AUSTRALIA , AUSTRA AND  ALL EUROPE going down to  ASIA with no problem or hold up with the custom. this is due to our long time in business – 10 years of experience-. 

And more to that we camouflage our packages with modern technology to make sure it pass all the checks and controls. If we can provide you with counterfeit bank notes  that  can be use any where with out any  issues what more of delivery a simple package to you. we have been in business for long and we have less or zero failure. failure will not start with you.